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Awaken the Connecting Force of Healing Energy with an Intuitive Massage at VYANA​

All sessions are personalized to your individual needs and choice of pressure. All sessions include hot towel compressions + exfoliating dry brush + organic coconut oil + aromatherapy.

30 MINUTES ………. $55
Clothes-on massage great for focused treatment in one or two areas of the body

60 MINUTES ………. $85
Excellent for focused half-body or general full-body treatment

90 MINUTES ………. $115
Perfect for a focused full-body treatment

120 MINUTES ………. $145
The ideal choice when adding Enhanced Therapies to your session, allowing ample time dedicated towards relief of chronic pain or stress

COUPLES MASSAGE ………. price same as above times 2
Escape with a friend or loved one with a mutual massage experience, side-by-side (please call to schedule)

Enhance your session with any of these treatments for the ultimate experience:

(Enhancements are only available when booked with a massage)

DEEP BLUE RUB ………. $10
A rich, topical cream infused with a blend of powerful essential oils and plant extracts to provide a sensation of cooling and warmth for pain relief and muscle relaxation.

This unique tool will break up and soften fascial tissue that bonds the body like glue. Increased blood flow, renewed muscle growth, and increased flexibility are some of the many benefits of this treatment.

HOT STONES ………. $10
Melt away tension by adding round, smooth stones heated to luxurious warmth to penetrate deeply for focused pain relief and profound relaxation.

(Adds time to your session)
This powerful, interactive treatment will energize you while increasing flexibility, building strength, and correcting posture.

PEDI-DETOX ………. $20
(Adds 15 minutes to your session)
Sit back and relax while you immerse your feet in a bath of Epson Salts infused with lavender while your feet are massaged with a Bentonite Clay foot mask and ending with hot towel compressions.

MINI FACIAL ………. $20
(Adds 15 minutes to your session)
Indulge with this mini refresher facial to cleanse, tone, detox and hydrate your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and looking younger. 

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