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Wellness Collective


At VYANA, it’s about more than just massage; it’s a unique approach using Intuitive Touch and Science to awaken the Connecting Force of Healing Energy.

Integrative and expansive, VYANA governs the movement of Prana through the energy channels that flow throughout the body. VYANA also dictates the flow of blood and nutrients through the circulatory system, the flow of chemical and electrical impulses through the nervous system, the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system, the movement of muscles and joints, and even the flow of thoughts and emotions. Truly, VYANA brings it all together.

Hundreds of pain and health issues humans’ face stems from blocked energy and fascia! Treatments at VYANA provide extraordinary results. Experience one of our transformative massages and simultaneously improve your:

*Soft tissue: like muscles and fascia (changing your performance)
*Nervous system (changing your efficiency)
*Circulatory system (delivering nutrients and oxygen to your cells)
*Inflammatory response (lessening pain)
*Joints (minimizing injury risk)
*Skelton (changing your shape)
*Skin (with better blood flow and oxygen, less wrinkling)

At VYANA, we strive to enlighten you about what really is going on with your body, and give you real life strategies to overcome your limitations. You will not only feel better, you will take away instant strategies that you can begin to incorporate into your life immediately. Whether you are looking to find a sense of balance and tranquility or relief from chronic pain and tension, we can meet your massage therapy needs.

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